Mountain Milk Hauling Inc.

About the Company

Mountain Milk is a locally owned company started in July 1998. At that time we operated out of a storage building housed at the nearby Mack dealership. As more milk routes were made available, the owner Phil Peery purchased a lot on Early Rd. just south of the Harrisonburg City limits, and built our current business home.

Over the course of the twelve year old business, Mountain Milk has grown to over 100 full-time employees. Our main customer is both local and international as we take pride in our service to our local farmer and serve with excellence, large milk co-ops who distribute milk throughout the national and world markets.

Within the past seven years, we have branched out into other agricultural markets and have a division of Mountain Milk devoted entirely to poultry. We realize many of our employees are the brunt of jokes as they drive our local and regional highways. Though the logo on the sides of the truck reads – “Mountain Milk Hauling”, they may be hauling live poultry or grains to mills and processing facilities instead of bulk milk!

In 2006, Mountain Milk acquired Ackers Trucking (also a milk hauler) located in Rocky Mount, VA and brought it into the growing firm. Other points of operation are Timberville, VA and Midland City, AL all operating under the Mountain Milk licenses.

Our drivers all have commercial drivers licenses(CDL) with tank endorsements. They maintain a state board of health license permits and are trained to take milk samples before loading. Our tanks are all washed on-site at the dairy plant after the milk is unloaded. The interiors are washed using clean-in-place(CIP) systems mounted in each cargo tank.

Where are we growing next? Though there are many possibilities always under consideration, rest assured where there is a need for quality, dependable service with a reputation for the best employees in the field, there too will be a truck with the Mountain Milk logo nearby.

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